AAdel Karam was born in Beirut 1972, and has been working as a professional actor since 1993. He is a household name in Lebanon; his country & the Arab world, a television & cinema star who has played a variety of roles in both comedy & drama with a positive public & critical acclaim. A versatile actor, Adel has demonstrated exceptional skills & talent which have awed audiences for years. His leading roles in television & cinema are a living testament to his popularity & extraordinary talent. He has also starred in several ads & is involved in a weekly award winning theatrical show that has been running for years.


The Insult (Film)


Hayda Haky (Show)


Mafi Metlo (Show)


Shi Youm Rah Fel (Film)


We Hala Lewein (Film)


Khedna Be Helmak (Drama)


Abu Reyad Meen Adoh (Drama)


Caramel (Film)


Falafel (Film)


Boqe't Doo' (Drama)


SL (Film)


Khas Jidan (Program)



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