A Syrian native with a degree in theatrical arts, Bassel Khayyat was always attached to acting since he was 8 years old, even participating in children's theater as a hobby. He was able to exercise that hobby into a career in acting where he would often portray daring and charismatic characters. His intensive roles and work in the television industry made him an immensely popular actor in the Arab world, especially in Syria. He executed most of his work in Syria but gained popularity in Egypt when acting in several Egyptian drama series between 2008-2015. In Ramadan 2017, Khayyat was recognized for his exceptional role when starred in 30 days series. As for his work in the film industry, some of his most credible work was Bab el Shams, El Aawda which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004






30 Youm (Drama)


Orkidya (Drama)


El Mizan (Drama)


Taree'y (Drama)


El Arrab (Drama)


El Beyout Asrar (Drama)


Al Sayedah El Ola (Drama)


Al Ekhwa (Drama)


Niran Sadeeqa (Drama)


Boqet Doo' (Drama)


El Qe'qa' Ebn Amr El Tamimy (Drama)


EL Leil El Taweel (Film)


Arab London (Drama)


El Shayateen (Film


Marraya (Drama)


El Zaher Bebars (Drama)


Bab El Shams (Film)


Rabee' Qortoba (Drama)


Ayamna El Helwa (Drama)


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