Hisham Saleh Selim is one of the most recognized actors of his generation in Egypt. Selim was born and raised in Cairo, and is the son of the famous football manager & actor, the late Saleh Selim. He began his acting journey at a very young age, performing alongside the great Faten Hamama in Embratoreyit Meem. Despite graduating from the institute of hospitality management as well as studying the French language, Hisham began to pursue his acting career more seriously. He displays an impeccable and raw talent that is obvious when watching his performances and audiences admire as well as continue their devotion to his roles. Selim participated in a range of television shows, commercials and films throughout his career, with the most significant works being Layaly Al Helmeya, Arabesque, Kelmit Sir, Alawbash, AlMaloob Alaragoz and many more. His latest acting experience was during the month of Ramadan where he performed two roles in Kelmit Sir and Layaly AlHelmeya


Kelmet Ser (Drama)


Lahazat Hariga (Drama)


Fi Eid Amina (Drama)


Kheyana Mashro'a (Film)


Enta Omry (Drama)


Malak Rohy (Drama)


El Nazer (Film)


Hawanem Garden City (Drama)


Ya Donia Ya Gharamy (Film)


Arabisk (Drama)


Shara' Mohamed Ali (Play)


Eskenderia Kaman We Kaman (Film)


Laialy El Helmeya (Drama)


El Aragoz (Film)


El Raya El Baida (Drama)


Tazweer Fi Awraa Rasmeyya (Film)


Awedet El Ebn El Dal (Film)


Orid Halan (Film)


Embratoreyet Meem (Film)


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