An actor, writer & theatre director, Sabry Fawaz was born in Cairo, 1968. As a writer, he composed & published a selection of poems for an extended amount of time. He participated in several Egyptian shows and series in which his most important role was playing ‘Baleegh Hamdy’ in ‘Om Kalthoum’ series and others such as ‘El Wasia’, ‘El Aa’la’, ‘Emra’a men Zaman El Hob’ ‘Lahazat Hariga’ ‘Layaly Al Helmeya’ ‘Khalty Safeya’ and “El deir”. In addition, he acted in a number of films including ‘Ayam El Sadat’, ‘Halim’, ‘Dam El Ghazal’, ‘Esabbat El Doctor Omar’. Furthermore, Sabry directed a variety of plays such as ‘Hano’ol Kaman’, ‘Isis’, ‘Sada El Asdaa’, ‘Layaly Alhaseeneya’, ‘ElKhayef Yerawah’, ‘Mazraeit El Araneb’ ‘Yassin w Baheya’ ‘Aroos El Ganoob’ ‘Almaddad’ ‘Leil Ya Ein’. Sabry correspondingly wrote many scenarios for a short television series called ‘Hekayat Baheya” as well as having a selection of articles in newspapers and magazines across Cairo. 


Afrah El Qouba (Drama)


El Mizan (Drama)


Men Dahr Ragel (Film)


Bein El Sarayat (Drama)


El Ahd (Drama)


El Sabaa Wasaya (Drama)


Niran Sadika (Drama)


El Horob (Drama)


Ibrahim El Abyad (Film)


Dokan Shehata (Film)


Lahazat Harega (Drama)


Hadayek El Shaytan (Drama)


Dam Ghazal (Film)


Ayam El Sadat (Film)


Emra'a Men Zaman El Hob (Drama)


Layali El Helmeya (Drama)


Al Wessya (Drama)


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