A young Egyptian actor, Nabil Issa was first exposed to the Egyptian film industry when he appeared in the film Ya Ana ya Khalty in 2005. He slowly started gaining fame and popularity and was offered several acting jobs during his first few years of acting. Issa worked between cinema and television in which he appeared in several films, and partook in several dramas such as El Mowaten X that received outstanding praise and contributed to his success as a young actor. Nabil has often been compared to the late Egyptian acting legend, Omar Al Sherif. 


Men 30 Sana (Film)


7 Arwah (Drama)


Khanet Elyak (Film)


Sokkar Mor (Film)


Alf Leila We Leila (Drama)


Oreed Ragolan (Drama)


Ba'ad El Bedaya (Drama)


El Amaleya Messi (Drama)


Taht El Ard (Drama)


Taraf Talet (Drama)


Dawaran Shobra (Drama)


Bedoon Reqaba (Film)


Zay Enaharda (Film)


Ana Mosh Maahom (Film)


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