A magnificent Egyptian singer & actress, Anoushka started off her career singing in TV commercials. She was best known for her hit albums Teegy Neghany, Nadiny, Abayan Zein & Kaddab, and later went on to become a pan-Arab sensation, winning several International singing competitions. Her talent in singing and acting paved her way to acquire roles in different movies such as: El Sayed Kaf, Man Atlak Hazihih Al Rossasa as well as her unique characters in drama including Qanoun El Maraghy, El Tawoos, Ferquet Nagy Attalah, El Sayedah El Olla & Saraya Abdeen. In 2016, Anouska landed a dazzling role in Grand Hotel and a dramatic role in Skot Horr TV series. Recently, she co-starred Hend Sabry in Halawet El Donia series which aired Ramadan 2017


Halawet El Donia (Drama)


Grand Hotel (Drama)


Skout Horr (Drama)


Hepta (Film)


Mamlaket Youssef El Maghraby (Drama)


Saraya Abdeen (Drama)


Esteefa (Drama)


El Sayda Al Aoula (Drama)


Ferquet Nagy Attalah (Drama)


Qanoun El Maraghy (Drama)


El Sayd Kaf (Film)


El Tawoos (Drama)



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