A young talented Egyptian director, an AUC theatre major graduate who started his career as a stage director, then joined his father, the renowned actor Adel Imam and directed the hit play “Body Guard” to pursue later on his professional career directing several successful movies such as: Amir El Zalam, Hassan Wa Morcus and Booha. In addition to also directing several TV series including Ayza Atgawez, Ferquet Nagy Attallah, El Arraf & Saheb El Sa’ada

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Ma'mon Wa Shorakah (Drama)


Saheb El Saada (Drama)


El Araf (Drama)


Ferqet Nagy Atallah (Drama)


Ayez Atgawez (Drama)


El Eyada (Sitcom)


Hassan We Morqous (Film)


Klashenkuf (Film)


Tomn Dastet Ashrar (Film)


Amir El Zalam (Film)


Body Guard (Play)



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