A praised talent with a reputation to be one of the greatest, Tarek Lotfy is known for his versatile roles in television. After graduating from the High Cinema Institute, his first job came in television, appearing in several dramas such as El Aa’la, El Haqika Wal Sarab among others. He cemented his status as a multi-talented actor when he starred in comedies, as opposed to his usual drama roles. The film, Se’eedy Fel Gama’a El Amrikeya, lifted his career to new heights and gave him a wealth of opportunities in the film industry. Lotfy’s subsequent projects were as quirky and varied in tone as his performances, and made him a popular figure in the Egyptian community. In Ramadan 2016, Lotfy was able to draw the attention with his breakthrough role in Shehadet Milad series



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Shehadit Milad (Drama)


Baad ElBedaya (Drama)


Gabal El Halal (Drama)


Ad Tanazoly (Drama)


Lahazat Harega (Drama)


Qadeyet Zafeya (Drama)


El Leil We Akhro (Drama)


Sultan El Gharam (Drama)


El Esheq Wel Hawa (Film)


Sara (Drama)



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