Appointed Editor-in-Chief for the mid-eastern edition of CLEO magazine & the London Runway before moving to the United States to study Art Direction at the New York Fashion Institute & Technology, Samar Morsi is the definition of a ‘triple threat’. She studied method acting at the Lee Strasbourg Theatre and Film Institute and in 2012, Samar pursued her acting career. Morsi is known for her breakthrough roles in the multi award winning drama Segn Elnessa by Kamla Abu Zikry & Taht El Saytara by Tamer Mohsen. Moreover, Morsi appeared in Décor a movie by director Ahmad Abdallah and the historic drama Saraya Abdeen by director Amr Arafa. In 2016, she co-starred in Sabaa Arwah series along with Kahled El Nabawy” and recently, in Haza El Masaa series which aired Ramadan 2017



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Haza El Masaa (Drama)


7 Arwah (Drama)


Taht El Saytra (Drama)


Mawlana El Aasheq (Drama)


Segn El Nesaa (Drama)


Decore (Film)


Sarraya Abdeen (Drama)


Ala Kaf Afreet (Drama)



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Samar Morsi Joins The Burn Free Campaign

Samar Morsi Joins The Humanity Burn Free Awareness Campaign

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