Introduced to the silver screen when she was nominated by the renowned director Youssef Chahine for his Alexandria New York movie, after which she realized that acting was her real passion & started her career as a professional actress in movies including Bel Alwan Al Tabeyaeya, Heliopolis and the award winning Microphone. Yosra had her share in drama with roles in Khas Gedan, Khotout Hamra, Vertigo, El Gamaa, Adam We Gamila, Dahsha & Lahazat Harega. El Lozy was honored by the Rotterdam Film Festival for her role in the movie Bel Alwan El Tabeyaeya & by the Alexandria Film Festival for her role in Heliopolis

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Banat Superman (Drama)


Hassan We Boqloz (Film)


Chillo (Drama)


Saheb El Sa'ada (Drama)


Sa'a We Nous (Film)


Khotout Hamra (Drama)


Vertigo (Drama)


Banat El Am (Film)


El Gama'a (Drama)


Bel Alwan Eltabi'ya (Film)



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