Starting her career as a TV host, Injy El Mokkaddem became a household name with her easy and humorous interviewing style. In 2009, Injy decided to pursue her passion for acting and participated in her first acting role ‘Ahmed Etgawez Mona’ followed by a role in ‘Lahazat Harega’. Since then, she co-starred in a wide array of projects including Taraf Tallet, Tahet El Ard, Oloub, El Sandok El Aswed, Sharbat Loze, Makan Fel Kasr, Haramt Ya Baba, Heba Regl El Ghorab & Saraya Abdeen. El Mokkadem co-starred in the 2015 drama series Zehab We Awda along side Ahmed El Sakka & Zarf Eswed with Amr Youssef. In Ramadan 2016, Injy co-starred in “Shehadet Milad” series along with Tarek Lotfy and played a spectacular role in “Skout Horr”.



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Ekhteyar Egbary (Drama)


Shehadit Milad (Drama)


Sokot Horr (Drama)


Zehab We Awda (Drama)


Zarf Eswed (Drama)


Saraya Abdeen (Drama)


Heba Regl El Ghorab (Drama)


Qoloub (Drama)


Taht El Ard (Drama)


Sharbat Looz (Drama)


Ahmed Etgawez Mona (Sitcom)



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