An Egyptian music composer, who studied mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo, after which, he studied music theory at the Royal Music Academy in London, to start his career as a picture editor at the British Broadcasting Corporation ‘BBC’, and later as a Documentary Film Director at Orbit Satellite Network ’OSN’. Since 1998, he pursued a career in composing music for film & drama, were he composed several award-winning pieces to-date.

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Wahet El Ghoroub (Drama)


Heba Regl El Ghourab P4 (Drama)


7 Arwah (Drama)


Nasiby We Kesmetk (Drama)


El Thamman (Film)


Saherat El Ganoub (Drama)


Hawary Bokharest (Drama)


Taht ElSaytra (Drama)


Oyoun ElHaramya (Film)


Segn ElNesaa (Drama)


Zat (Drama)


Taraf Talet (Drama)


Ba'ed El Mawke'a (Canne Film Festival)


Ehky Ya Sharazad (Film)


Fi Shaqet Masr El Gedida (Film)


El Banat Dool (Short Movie)


Bab El Shams (Canne Film Festival)


El Madina (Film)


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