A talented Egyptian scriptwriter, who was fond of writing since his early years to start out his career writing for a local newspaper but soon after, left to pursue scriptwriting for drama. Hilal participated in several sitcoms including El Eyada, Ahmed Etgawez Mona, the award winning animated series Passant Wel Diasty, as well as his contribution in the renowned kid’s program Alam Simsim, after which he specialized in writing his own series such as Taraf Talet, Taht El Ard, Hawary Bucharest and lately El Tabal

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El Tabal (Drama)


Hawary Bokharest (Drama)


Ana Eshe't (Drama)


Taht El Ard (Drama)


Taraf Talet (Drama)


Passant Wel Deyasty (Drama)


El Montaquem (Drama)


Ahmed Etgawez Mona (Drama)



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