Known for her cerebral story telling, the renowned scriptwriter Mariam Naoum began her career experimenting with short movies, TV ads and documentaries before undertaking scriptwriting for TV drama and feature films. Over the past years, Naoum was inspired by people’s stories & was able to establish herself as a skillful sculptor of stories, with a repertoire comprising the film Wahed Sefr in addition to an array of award wining TV series such as Bent Esmaha Zat, Moga Harra, Segn El Nessa & Taht El Saytarra

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Wahet El Ghoroub (Drama)


Leil Dakhely (Radio Program)


Skout Horr (Drama)


That El Saytra (Drama)


Segn ElNesaa (Drama)


Zat (Drama)


Moga Harra (Drama)


Mazbahet El Abreyaa (Film)


Bel Shama' El Ahmar (Drama)


Wahd Sefr (Film)



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Mariam Naoum Honored By UN Women

Mariam Naoum Honored One Of The Inspirational Women Changing Egypt

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