A multi-talented acclaimed actress, Yousra defines glamour and epitomizes ultimate stardom. The star, who gave a mind blowing performance in the film Azkeyalaken Aghbeya, led her to co-star in movies such as Ala Bab Al Wazeer, AlAvocato, Al Ens Wal Gen, El Erhab Wel Kabab & Toyour El Zalam. Her film career blossomed when she worked with the director Youssef Shahine on successful productions including Hadduta Masrreya, Iskanderiya Kaman we Kaman, and Al Mohager. Yousra was able to blow away audiences in dramas such as Raafat El Hagan, Hayat El Gohary, Kadeyet Ra’y Aam, Sharbat loze & Saraya Abdeen. Yousra received over 50 awards in recognition for her work and was honored at the Cannes Film Festival & La Biennale di Venenzia (Venice Film Festival). Additionally, Yousra was recognized as a "Goodwill Ambassador" for the UNDP in recognition for her devoted humanitarian actions. 




El Hesab Yegmaa (Drama)


Fok Mostawa El Shobohat (Drama)


Saraya Abdeen (Drama)


Nekdeb Law Kolna Mabenhebesh (Drama)


Sharbat Louze (Drama)


Kadeyet Ra'y A'am (Drama)


Omaret Yakobian (Film)


Eskenderia New York (Film)


El Mohager (Film)


El Mansy (Film)


El Erhab Wel Kabab (Film)


Raafat El Hagan (Drama)



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Arab Women Of The Year Awards 2015

Yousra is honored the Arab Women Of The Year Award for her achievements in cinema

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