Bassel Khayyat In C.A.T UAE

13 October 2016

Bassel Khayyat Signs with C.A.T UAE Office

With it’s first signing in the Emirates offices, CEO Amr Koura announced that actor Bassel Khayyat has joined the C.A.T family. The Syrian actor's latest work was El Mizan a popular drama series that aired in the month of Ramadan, as well as starring in several other television dramas such as Tareeky, Alsayeda Aloola, Alwan Alteif, Alboyoot Asrar, Neeran Sadeeka, and Alekhwa, and his first feature film experience was his starring role in Bab Alshams. Before joining the industry in Egypt, Bassel gained experienced working in Syrian television shows like Arab London and Khobz El Haram and many more.

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